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If you are able to carry out beautifully crafted basement design idea, then there is no doubt that you can make it as the ultimate extra space. Most of the time, once people are able to mortgage homes, the basements are left unfinished.

Basements are useful extra spaces in the home. Contrary to the idea of some, there are a lot of things that you can do with your basement. You can either make it as a recreation or entertainment room, spare bedroom or guestroom, or even as a living room. The choice of course rests on the decision of the owner.

Upon basement construction, it is important that you take certain considerations at hand. In order to create a pleasant extra living space in your home, you must pay attention to every little detail particularly basement design ideas.


In most homes, the basements are usually divided into one or maybe two rooms. More often than not, it is designed that way so the two rooms may have varying usage. You can make it as a laundry room, and then the adjacent room may serve as storage area. Or you can make it as an entertainment room that contains all your home theater system and the other room may be your game room. Ultimately, the function of the basement is determined by the needs and preferences of the owners. What is most important is that they take utmost consideration with their needs above anything else.


People have varying ideas when it comes to the interior design of the basement. There are also homeowners who leave the design of their basements to the hands and talent of an interior designer. But whichever the case is, still the style and taste of the owner is the primary basis.

Use of Colors – Usually, people and designers alike opt for bright, dramatic colors when it comes to the shade of the walls. This creates a softer and vivid look into the basement. Bright colors make the basement appear less dark since among all the other areas of the house, it receives poor natural lighting.

Basement Flooring – Construction of the floors is highly suggested to appear in diagonal lines. This creates an illusion of space thus making the basement appear larger and more spacious.

Basement Ceiling Design – The ceiling height must coincide with the purpose of the basement. If you want to make it as a game room then the ceiling must be a bit higher than usual. But if you are planning to make it merely as an extra bedroom, then an average ceiling height is most appropriate.

Avoiding Future Problems

Together with basement design ideas, homeowners must think in advance how to protect their basement about future problems. When it comes to the prospect of water penetrating the basement in the future, then make sure that the entire area in the basement is waterproofed and sealed. Remember that water seeks the lowest part of the house. Also, if you want to be saved from the troubles of termite infestation, then it is best that you use concrete in basement construction. It is highly durable and does not deteriorate.

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