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It may take quite some time to save up for the cost of finishing a basement. However, for what it’s worth, a basement is a place in your house that can be valuable.  But you are also aware that your budget must be well spent.

A great deal of estimating the cost is needed.  Or else you might end up having only about thirty percent (30%) of the basement done.  So here are a few design tips to help you save and minimize the cost of finishing a basement.

– In estimating, allow a fair percentage from your budget to allocate for the cost of finishing a basement.  Do a list of those things you want to use your basement for.  You know that by planning this out well, your basement could be one of the best places in your home.  Later on you will realize that what you have invested is all worth.

– Design your basement windows to serve several purpose.  It’s a given that the window is used for ventilation.  Since the basement is an underground facility, the room temperature will be a little bit different.  The opening of your windows should not only allow more air to come in but also daylight.  Basements are usually dark even at daytime.  The more daylight, the less electricity.  Having this anticipated will not only save you the cost of finishing a basement now but also when it is in use.

– Consider head room when designing plumbing systems and ducts.  The clearance of the ceiling height in basements is usually low.  This is because this is where the end ducts and pipes pass.  You can still have enough for the cost of finishing a basement if you have it designed in a way that it would be easier to clad or hide.  This idea can also be an advantage if in the future you hope to renovate your basement again.

– Get the right materials for your basement.  It pays to know what attributes to the condition in a basement.  For example, since a basement’s floor can have a lot of moisture, consider using tiles.  Not only is it practical, it prevents accidents from slippery floors.  Moisture in tiles is easy to mop off.

– Lastly, try not to see your basement as a basement.  Most household owners see their basement as a last priority in their list.  If you can do away with this attitude, you have a good chance to save cost of finishing a basement.  Some households have beautiful and functional basements because they never treat it as one.  A basement is basically just a room under your house.  Therefore it is a room that you can use.  And while you have this thought, consider having a basement design that you don’t have to spend so much on.

Your basement can have several functions.  You can use it as a mini-bar, a small gym, a guest room, or what have you.  In areas where light cannot penetrate deeply, some people use it as a theatre area.  The cost of finishing a basement is not really that costly.  It’s just another extra room in the house.  So while you’re still saving for this new house, include another room in your budget.

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