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If you want to optimize the functionality of your current basement and want to remodel it, you would need basement plans.  Making or creating basement plans do not have to be complicated.  Read on to find out more on what you can do with your existing basement.

Considerations Before You Start

Once you have decided to remodel your basement, a good plan should be on top of the list of things-to-do. Whether you are considering finishing your basement on your own or hiring an expert, you have to find out how you want to utilize the space before you can start remodeling. There are some factors you need to think about when you are brainstorming basement plans. Not only do you have to find out how you are going to utilize the space and what rooms will make a superb extension to your home, but you will also have to establish how you want the space decorated.

First, think of the purpose of your basement. What are the main things you want to use your basement for? Would you like a private space for your hobby or a space where you can entertain guests? Next, think of a theme alongside the purpose of your basement. The space needs to appear cohesive and well put together so that it will be comfortable and habitable. Here, you have freedom to choose what theme you want.  What inspires you? Is it the outdoors? Is it modern style?

Finally, think about how you are going to decorate the space. You could put up some paintings of similar theme. Or perhaps some mirrors to create the illusion of space. Creating an ambiance is the last but surely not the least endeavor to accomplish when refinishing your basement.

Simple Planning

Even the best basement plans will not proceed well if you have existing problems with your basement. Get rid of any basement problems you have first. Take note that the concrete in your basement is porous. Its vital to waterproof your basement first to prevent leakage and ultimate damage of your furniture. Next, insulate your basement. Proper insulation will keep weather temperatures out.

Then, consider your basement flooring. There are various types of flooring for basement these days, but make sure you choose one you can also maintain easily and keep dampness out. Plan your walls next”a practical solution is to conceal your insulation or OSB board with something to safeguard it. However, you may also want something that looks appealing. Your choices include sheetrock and a type of paneling.

Finally, carefully select your lighting. Basements typically have poor lighting. Use various types of lighting for both practical and enhancing purposes. Do not settle for typical lighting. Lighting fixtures such as fluorescent ones are not really a good idea, as these can make your basement dimmer and appear like a cave rather than a living space. Maximize natural lighting from the outside by installing windows and mirrors opposite those windows. You may use fluorescent lighting for practical purposes alongside ambient/decorative lighting to create a better ambiance.

When creating basement plan, move from the general to the specific, from the basic to the details.  Its the small things that you do that make your basement unique and really pop out. How about installing a retro jukebox? Or having a large area rug and pillows where your guests can relax? Your personal ideas can really make a difference.

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