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The term “bum marketing” refers to essentially article marketing, but the funny part is that it works really well when all the pieces come together. Many new Internet marketers started their online careers with this sole marketing method and it really works. The driving force behind article marketing is providing solutions to problems that people have. Marketing with articles represents the way commerce should be; two people give something to each other and it is a fair trade. You can help ensure your success by taking the time to learn how to do it right. In the following article we will be discussing three useful article marketing tips that work.

One of the most common and effective ways to make use of your articles for marketing is to submit them to article directories. The reason for submitting to article directories is for article exposure and traffic generation. Ezinearticles and GoArticles appear to be the clear leaders in the article directory industry. You will see better results if you do manual submissions to these two sites. This will allow you to target even those directories that are niche specific. We would discourage you from using software to do this because each directory is different and you can miss important steps. Account setup is easy and only takes a few minutes, and we do not recommend you submitting your articles to a huge number of them unless you are backlinking.

One key concept is simply using your articles for other reasons, and not just submitting to a directory and forgetting about it. You can use them as autoresponder messages as a sequence to send out to your new subscribers. This is about re-using your articles in a more productive way because it helps you get much more out of your article marketing by leveraging your autoresponder. You will need to get creative with your articles and how you decide to use them and how. That is how you take what you have and make the most of it, and it just takes a little out of the box thinking.

Take a clever cue and place in-line links from one article to another, and that will have a compounding effect. You can have to check with a directory’s TOS to make sure you can do that, or else your article may get rejected. The safest bet is to always read the terms of service for specific rules pertaining to interlinking articles.

You will simply be using the links to help contribute to the overall reader experience.

You can see great results with your article marketing if you take the time to learn more on the subject. It all depends on what you are doing as to how you write your articles and the degree of quality you put into them. The only path to improvement in your articles is by doing and studying the techy side of article marketing.

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