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I’ll bet you are wondering if this idea of buying Probate Property is a sound plan.

Many Probate Attorneys have amassed great wealth over the years by using this method to acquire and then quickly turn over properties for profit.

You see, probate attorneys are in the prime position to ‘help’ their clients when inheritance taxes come due.  Many families are forced to fire sale property, heirlooms, etc. just to pay death or inheritance taxes.  If the home was paid off, it makes no difference to the heirs whether they get 50 cents or less on the dollar.  (Fair Market Value is pie in the sky, especially in these times.)  That may sound crazy but the penalties and fees that await the heirs are substantial.  This is why you can find unbelievable deals at Estate Sales – the heirs need the money!!!!

The attorney’s ‘help’ their clients by quickly purchasing the property.  The client gets their money and avoids probate tax penalties.

I know what you are thinking…I’m not an attorney, so how can I possibly find out about these deals and approach the heirs.  Guess what!!  Ron Mead’s bookshows you step by step how to set yourself up for success.  I won’t reveal the secret here, but I will tell you, it is very simple to start.  This book will teach you how to Buy Probate Property with no cash out of pocket.

31 Days to Profits in Probate Real Estate walks you through the process of securing a property at pennies on the dollar and gives many suggestions for how to quickly resell that property.  Many times you will find you have already got the property sold before you even buy it!!  How’s that for excitement.

Always remember, you want to control the property not own it.  You will be the middleman; it’s good to be the middleman.

31 Days to Profits in Probate Real Estate

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