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If you are looking to buy a bar for sale in Spain I like going through a licensed agency. When buying a bar in Spain you will soon find that the laws in Spain are very different to laws other countries. Many bars for sale in Spain do not have a license which is why they may appear to be too good to be true. You can be sure the Spanish police will shut the bar down. Also you need a music license to use live music – It is important to find out if the bar you want has this.

There is a lot of regulation in Spain and you need to find out about these. For example there could be restrictions on the sale of niknaks or food -or regulations on bar closing hours.

If you are buying a bar in Spain  you may find there are accounts on the bar that are unpaid Рbuying a bar for sale in Spain is a tricky job and can be a minefield . Make sure you take legal advise and visit any local bar you are thinking of buying.

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