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Owning one’s own house is great, especially if you’re handy, because you never have to hunt very far to find something else that needs fixing. One irritating problem is squeaking doors, and that isn’t really a serious problem, but the sooner it gets fixed the better everyone will like it. Because it is not a severe enough problem to require a serviceman; it’s the type of thing you want to be able to fix yourself.

Listen closely to uncover the source of the squeak, so you understand exactly what needs fixing. The first thing to do, before you even think about changing the entire door, is what we call the swing test. Try and pinpoint the precise source of the squeak by listening carefully as you swing the door back and forth. You will usually be able to pinpoint the source in this way, and determine the cause. When you are not having any luck, experiment with swinging the door at different speeds.

You’ll probably find that there is a dry hinge or two needing lubrication. If you do, tighten the screws maintaining the plates to the door to start with, and then pour a few drops of WD-40, or sewing maching oil, directly on the hinge. Let the oil filter into the hinge, and sway the door back and forth a couple of times. You are going to know immediately whether this was the trouble. If there’s still a squeak, there’s one other likely primary cause. Sometimes a solid wood door might swell or warp because of high humidity, causing a squeak where wood rubs against wood. To prevent this, simply move the door stop so that it doesn’t impact the door itself. All that you need to do this is usually a block of wood and a hammer. Just put the wood over the door stop where it seems to be squeaking, and knock it over slightly.

After the door quits squeaking and moves smoothly, you’re done. Because this can frequently result in a little paint breakage, you’ll want to prepared to do a little repainting. Another possible source of a door squeak is the hinge rubbing on the jam, which may be cut in too deeply or not deep enough. Take the hinges off and, when they’re cut too deep put a shim in at the rear of them; if they’re not deep enough, deepen them. It really is kind of, a trial and error process, where you must keep checking.

It might be a simple fix, or you may just have to replace the whole door. With pre-hung doors, this is a pretty easy job. You just have to make sure your doors match and be sure to consider a thorough job of re-painting. Don’t forget, it is usually a job well done if you do it yourself. It does not matter if you are using the internet to find information regarding EMT Training Chicago, EMT Training Alaska or even DC EMT Training you can easily find it online.

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