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 Flat Fee MLS Services will save you thousands
How do they do that? By not having you pay the listing commission that traditional brokers charge. Traditional brokers charge 6 percent commission of the sale price of your house. That six % is normally divided between two agents. One part going to the broker that listed your home into the MLS, and the rest going to the broker that brought you a buyer. With Flat Fee MLS Services, you would pay a low flat fee INSTEAD of that traditional Listing Commission. Your property will still be listed in the same MLS that the traditional agent would have listed you in, It just would cost thousands of dollars less to get you there! Here’s a sample scenereo, If you listed with a traditional broker, and your home sold for $500,000, the total commission will be as much as 30 thousand dollars (6% of $500,000). Fifteen thousand dollars of that commission goes to the Listing agent, the broker that listed your house into the MLS. But with Flat Fee MLS Services, there is never a listing commission. You would only pay the low Flat Fee to list your house into the MLS.

List on MLS packages have been saving home sellers $1000’s. it’s a fact that one in every three homeowners are selling without a traditional agent recently. You can save thousands of dollars, get your property the internet exposure you need, and keep your For Sale By Owner rights while still being listed on the realtors MLS. Yes, thats right, you will be listed on the same MLS that a traditional realtor would list you on, except you would pay a low flat fee rather than a percentage of your property closing costs. That’s a great savings!

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