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Basement leaks and molds are common problems in basements.  Because of the room’s close proximity to the ground, this is only natural.  However, there are now effective ways to remove basement molds, but make sure they won’t start coming back in the future. The key to getting rid of basement mold for good is to take preventative measures even if you’ve already gotten rid of them. Keep your basement in good condition all year round and you can expect a more comfortable and livable interior space.

When you remove basement mold, there is a number of steps involved. The first step is to take out all the things in the basement, including carpeting, furniture, window treatments and other articles made out of porous materials. Make sure all your basement windows are open while conducting this first step. When you’re done, clean the basement floor, walls, windows and ceiling using sand paper, a scraper and the appropriate cleaning solution. Always begin by sanding and scraping before cleansing moldy areas with a mold removal solution or bleach. Don’t forget to work on the heating and cooling ducts as well. You should be wearing a mask at all times.

Now molds love moisture. So when you’re done cleaning out your basement, make sure it is dry by utilizing fans. You may then start locating where the moisture is coming from. Employ a basement finishing system to prevent mold from coming back again.

Your last step is to redecorate and repaint. However, you should never bring back moldy furniture into the basement. If you must, have a professional remove molds from furniture and other valuable items. When you remove basement mold, it is important to keep your basement well-ventilated. In this case you should consider working on the system of air ducts to improve air circulation.

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