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Many people want to know exactly “How to Buy samui land”  There are guidelines everybody should follow when buying land in samui and I hope this read will help you find your land in samui without any hassle.

First, you have to know what purpose you want to buy land in samui  for and what your budget is. Land Investment  in samui is different than buying for living or retirement. Depending on the length of time your willing to invest your money in, you get buy land in a great subdivision or development, at a great cost, do the wait, and sell it when the land is surrounded by houses. This is ideal for land investment but not for living or retirement needs.

If you want to buy for living and/or retirement needs, than you most likely don’t want to wait for the land to bought to become the hotspot of the State. Instead, it would be ideal to already know what exact area you want to live in and do the research yourself. Than, shop around to get the lowest prices for the best quality lots. For home sites, you have to make sure all utilities are up. In general, for home sites, you have to make sure you can build a house right away to your specifications.

Land  Investment in samui  is a little different. You can buy in on very discounted land, and sell when people come and start living there. The more amenities, the better. Lake Front, Lake View, and Golf Course Lots are always sought after and are good for both land investment and living purposes. And lately, always make sure to get a Warranty Deed, or a similar document (depending on State) so that the land you own in samui  is really yours!

Many people buy land because they want to build a custom home to their own specifications or want to use that strip of greenery to more specific purposes like breeding horses, or having a huge landscape or even build a small establishment. While building establishments require commercial sanctions and many related approvals, using these for domestic purposes does not require so many approvals. Most buyers invest in land because they want cleaner air and more space such as in samui land. Wide open areas without trees shading the house are perfect settings in which to install solar panels, which is a concern for many environmentally concerned buyers who use green building materials.

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