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Singapore has always been rated as one of the best ten most open, competitiveand streamlined countries in the world. Singapore has a diverse human population of different ethnic origins – Chinese, Malays, Indians, Asians, Eurasian and Caucasians from variouscountries. Getting a Singapore Condo can be either easy or difficult, depending on the kind of target condo and local condo market knowledge a buyer has.

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Using Internet, you can easy find a Singapore condo, Singapore Condo for sale, Singapore real estate, many types of Singapore properties for sale and rent in Singapore. Singapore is a metropolitan city, quality skyscraper offices, recreational centres and public amenities are conveniently available for work and leisure. Singapore condo, new or old, is usually built for function and aesthetic appearance usually surrounded by amenities like shopping centres, eateries and schools.


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In the Singapore condo market, Singapore condo, new or resale Singapore properties, is in every instance a top favourite among local and foreign buyers. A new Singapore condo or house is renderable by legislation to be built under strict quality and safety procedures with most up-to-date architectural design and functional unit layout. New Singapore condo of 1 to 5 bedrooms configurations are accepted among these buyers as these units typically offer recreational facilities like swimming pool, BBQ pits, function rooms, Gymnasium, sheltered car park lots. A number of new Singapore condo, new condo, offer sky lounge, sky gym, gourmet indoor and outdoor dining facilities, grand entrance lobby and even concierge services etc. Some new Singapore condo like upcoming Twin Peak condo modify high-end designer label fittings for all the bedrooms, designer-label bathtub in every bathroom, kitchen appliances and even exquisite designer sofa and dining sets that are bundled with every condo apartment. A buyer further needs to only carry along their clothing to move into their new comfy residence.

Singapore condo like a bungalow may have up to 6 bedrooms, pampering bathrooms, multi-purpose rooms, fully fitted wet & dry kitchen, Jacuzzi, wine cellar, a fish pond, a patio/balcony and at least 2 car park lots. Whereas, a routine new terrace house will have 3/4 bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, utility room and 2 car park lots.

As Singapore is growing her population to 6.5million or more from about 5 million residents , flood of newly arriving residents (Permanent resident or work permit holders) searching for Singapore condo to rent. Astute Singapore condo Investors will gain by getting new Singapore condo or houses as expatriate tenants prefer to rent newer developments with the latest design and facilities benefiting the investors with a good rental yield.

Since the world financial system is recovering, Singapore condo investment is restoring rapidly. Singapore condo owners are seeing a persistingimprove in capital value appreciation for all class of properties in Singapore.

Knowledge of choosingthe right Singapore condo for sale in Singapore is critical for a buyer and investors. As a result gettinga proficient condo agent is vital. An experienced Singapore real estate company skilled in Singapore condo transaction regulations and in-depth knowledge of the local condo market will provide priceless support for a buyer to acquiringthe right Singapore condo within the buyer’s financial finances.

In a standard new Singapore condo purchase, a buyer or investorwill pay a deposit of 5% of the total purchase price to book a unit with the developer. An option to purchase from the developer will be issued to the buyer. The buyer will be given 21 days from date of Sales & Purchase Agreement to go ahead with the purchase. In the event that the buyer decides to go ahead with the purchase, then the buyer will endorse the Sales & Purchase Agreement for this Singapore condo and pay another 15% as down payment for the purchase within a stipulated period. For the balance of the purchase price, the buyer may finance through a bank loan facility and/or pay directly to the development’s safe-guard project account in a progressively payment mode depending on the construction progress of the new development. This is a simplified description of the purchase procedure whereby an experienced agent will be able to guidethe buyer along the way.

A Singapore condo owner geta comparably low Singapore condo tax rate of about 4% for owner-occupied residential condo or 10% for investment condo. And there is no capital gain tax in Singapore condo as of now.

With the prevailing low mortgage interest rate averaging 1.5% for the first year, barely land resources and boomingeconomy in Singapore, Singapore condo investment is always among the top investment instruments that one should consider.

http://www.llrerealestatemillionairegroup.com/singapore-condo-forum ( http://www.llrerealestatemillionairegroup.com/singapore-condo-forum )


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