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With the economy being what it is in the last couple of years and with real estate sales  down,  foreclosures are getting more and more frequent. It can easily happen to any one, no matter how cautious  you’ve been. Emergencies come up and the next thing you realize, you can’t afford to make your  mortgage loan payments.

When you consistently cannot make your regular payment, your lender can foreclose on your property.  This means that the lender repossesses your property and resells it to attempt to make back the amount of  the loan. You lose your home and the lender often loses money. It’s a bad situation for all  involved.

You only need to neglect one monthly payment for the lender to foreclose on you although this is not usually  done. Generally, 3 missed payments will probably be required before beginning the procedure. Foreclosures  can be done either through power of sale or judicial sale.

Inside a judicial sale, the steps must be taken through the court. Inside a power of sale, the mortgage  holder can take care of it alone. Every state utilizes judicial sales but power of sale is only used in 29.  If you should be in 1 of these, this will actually be indicated in your home loan documents. There will  generally be a notation that power of sale will be utilized should foreclosure turn out to be necessary.  Whichever is utilized, all associated parties will receive prior notification that the property foreclosure is  being started.

When the property is sold for less than a amount of the loan, a deficiency judgment could be made that  requires you to make up for the deficit. This can be the difference between the bank loan sum and also the  sale price or it could be the difference between the bank loan and the fair value price.If the sale price from the property doesn’t cover the amount due on the loan, it is possible for a  deficiency judgment to be made. In this case, you will need to pay back the loss of the lender. This  may be the entire difference or the difference between the fair value and the loan.

The problem is can you avoid foreclosure? Well you can contract a real estate agent who is  skilled in real estate marketing and advertising to market your property for a quick sale. You can also  communicate with the financial institution. It’s not easy however being straight up about your economic circumstance can  assist. Your financial institution may be able to work with you to assist you catch up on your monthly payments and keep  your home.  At all cost try to avoid losing your home simply because it ruin your credit score for many years to  come.

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