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In today’s media world, photos are becoming a thing of the past and video has become the new trend.  Videos record more than what simple pictures are able to capture. The following details some of the strategies in which videos can be used by a San Diego property management company as well as a San Diego property owner.

– The first is by getting a video of the new properties and present it to a possible tenant.  It is not necessary to pretty up the video or even hire a professional for that. Our video must present the property exactly how it is and by doing so, we can save valuable time  Previously, completing a rental transaction for a certain property would take around 5-20 client tours, however, with the usage of video that number has considerably dropped to merely 1-5. 

– Another way in which we can benefit from the video’s benefits is to generate a lot more qualified leads because most rental prospects prefer looking at more detailed images. In Craigslist one is allowed to advertise only four photos. 

YouTube videos are no longer permitted to be embedded in a Cragslist ad but by placing an image by using HTML code in the ad’s body, it will appear like it is still placed in the body.  By pressing on the picture, users will be taken on the YouTube video where they are able to see the property, bringing more qualified leads for us. 

– Videos may be used in directing tenants on what needs to be done at the outset of the move in process, providing them with sufficient information before they are given the keys.  In contrast to photos, videos are able to provide renters a much better view of the property and how it currently looks like how the walls are painted, appearance of the carpets, and how well the area was cleaned up. 

Videos may also be used in handling possible disputes for security deposits as it can be employed as proof on how property appeared like and its condition just before giving it over to the tenant.

– Lastly, the key reason why videos are being used by a San Diego property manager is the owners where nine out of ten of them live approximately 200 miles from their property.  They prefer it more if they are able to view the video through a link as opposed to us discussing with them about the property.  Videos are perhaps the preferred method for owners since they get to find out the condition of the property without the need of personally visiting the location.

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