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If you have a basement like most homeowners do, then you have a good place to start having fun with basement remodels. Yes, you can actually utilize your basement more than just for storage purposes. You can finally express your creativity and actually enjoy living in it with your newly refinished basement.

Basements generally have poor natural lighting due because of its location. But believe it or not, there are tons of ways to benefit from preexisting basement features and maximize the space so that your family and friends would even prefer your basement to your living room!

Fun Themes

If you have not got anything in mind yet, here are some basement remodels that might interest you. An idea would be to create a playroom for your little ones. If you do not want your kids running around in your living room while you are entertaining guests and want them to have a safer place to play in, then you can definitely utilize the basement as a playroom. The basement is a great place to transform into a playroom, as you wont have to worry too much about toys lying around”your kids can play as much as they want without you constantly having to worry about hiding their toys somewhere or tripping over playthings while in a hurry.

Another option is to make an entertainment room out of your basement. This could be a game room where you have fun things like a pool table or card table. Your basement could also be a home theater where your family and friends can enjoy watching movies and listening to music. You could incorporate some droplights to really set up the ambience and add interest to the whole space. Since most basements are dark, they are a perfect place to set up an entertainment room.

The basement is cold as well why not put up a home gym there? You can set up a few gym equipments along with a sound system or TV to really enhance your workout experience. Also install some fans and dehumidifiers to make your sessions more comfortable.

Make The Space Your Own

The important thing is to add your own personality into the room. What is the point of doing some basement remodels if you are not going to add your own personality to the space? Yes, you need to have a purpose for your basement refinishing project, but what about style? After all, you will be the one using that basement for years to come. You need to be comfortable and happy in it.

For your ceiling, you could staple or nail on a rug at the center of your ceiling to create a focal point as well as hide the stains and other flaws in the ceiling. You could also stick some posters and glow-in-the-dark planets and starts on to the ceiling. If you are more traditional, why not install a nice ceiling fan?

Explore the potential of colors. Color is a tool you can use to easily transform a room into something spectacular without much effort. Try to use a combination of colors to create something that is all your own. You do not have to settle for cold, hard flooring. Add a plush area rug with some throw pillows. Employ some extra amenities such as a dorm-sized refrigerator, small microwave and even a mini bar. These are just some fun basement remodels to start with.

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