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Are you thinking of basement ideas but have no idea where to start? When homeowners consider adding an extra room to their home, they often either focus on the attic or extending to the sides. However, you do not have to undertake remodeling projects this huge just to create an addition to your home. All you have to do is to finish your basement.

Start with the basics. Some people put off finishing their basements because they think it will be a huge undertaking and no budget and time will accommodate such a task. On the positive side, thinking of basement ideas and making those ideas a reality does not require a complicated process. With a just a bit of imagination and determination you can easily tackle the costs and discover new and thrilling ways to provide purpose and style to the underground level of your home.

When thinking of basement ideas, try not to get carried away. However, you need to remember the practical side of finishing basements. Consider lighting. Basements generally lack illumination due to their placement in homes. Experiment with various lighting fixtures.  Try to use lighting fixtures to add drama, practicality and excitement.

Having these 3 purposes in your basement can really lighten up and add character to the space. Speaking of practicality, deal with other common basement problems such as moisture, dampness and flooding. Once you have educated yourself with these problems and how to solve them, you can then make your next move.

Next, you would need to think of a basement theme. You can think of all the basement ideas in the world, but how are you going to apply them to your basement so that the space will be well put-together? Cooking up a theme for your basement is probably the easiest way to start finishing it.

This is your own basement – be as creative as you can possibly be. Some popular themes to start with include media rooms, game rooms, workshops, and bar or wine cellar. A media room can actually benefit from the natural darkness of the basement, so this has become a popular choice among homeowners. Also, your entertainment system will unlikely disturb your neighbors if its situated in the basement.

Gaming Rooms – Game rooms are perfect for larger basements.  Its up to you to add extra amenities to make the space more interesting (pool tables, poker tables, air hockey boards, etc.). A workshop will work great in the basement since the basement offers a more private space to work on your hobby. Finally, with a basement, you finally have space for a bar or wine cellar. To add some interest, you can transform part of your basement bar into an entertainment area for your guests.

Your basement can speak a lot about your personality. Make your basement ideas unique. You may start out with the popular ideas mentioned, but would not it be better to add your personality to your newly finished basement? For instance, if you are building a basement bar, you do not always have to incorporate high stools. You could consider a Moroccan theme and have low tables on a rug and large pillows as seating for your guests. Make the basement theme more you!

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