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With spring on its way, many of you real estate agents out there are deciding to get back in the game. Because the economy is getting back on track, agents like you are dusting off their licenses and quitting that boring job for another stab at real estate.

So what should your first step be? Believe it or not, the answer is order custom real estate signs! Think about it: when a potential buyer sees a house they like, they look at the agent sign to see who to contact. So it’s imperative that your real estate signs stand out and look professional. So what do you need to do to get your signs together and make them look great? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered!

Real estate signs do TWO main things:

  • Creating new custom real estate signs will help you determine what kind of agent you are. Deciding what info to include on your signs is important and what you choose will tell buyers a lot about you as an agent.
  • Real estate signs attract potential buyers. This is fairly obvious. You know you need real estate signs that stand out and make you look great compared to your competition. You just may not know how to make that happen.

Let’s look at these two components separately and figure out how to make them work for you!

Do you know what kind of agent you are? If you’re still fairly new to the business, you may be working for a big company. In this case, the name of the company you work for should stand out on your sign. Or maybe you only sell very big, expensive homes. In that case, you may want your real estate signs to highlight the number of beds and baths in the houses you sell.  Maybe you have a little bit of experience, but most of your clients come from all the people you know around town. You’d want to focus on a big, full-color photograph of yourself.

Get the idea?

But not only do you need to make your signs feature the proper info, you also need to make your real estate signs stand out and look professional. There is no single way to do this but there are a lot of effective methods.  Here are the top THREE:

QR codes                                                                                                                                                     

If you’ve been to TheSignChef.com before, you know we’re just crazy about QR (quality response) codes. They are little barcode-like graphics that, when photographed by a smartphone, automatically take the user to the encoded website. QR codes are becoming extremely popular for use on real estate signs as they allow agents to direct potential buyers to a website featuring interior pictures or a virtual tour of the house for sale. You can even easily generate a QR code at TheSignChef.com – FREE!

Choose an uncommon size for your real estate signs

Most sign companies have the four most typical frame sizes available for real estate signs. But we offer two distinctive real estate sign frames that will help you stand out. While 2’x3’ is a popular frame size, we offer frames that are three feet tall and two feet wide. Vertical signs such as this are extremely atypical in the real estate world. Most are horizontal. So while your competitors’ signs are barely off the ground, you can make yours tall and noticeable.

We also offer a frame that holds your sign by the bottom, whereas typical frames hold your sign from the top. This enables you to create a custom sign in any shape you desire.  Be as eye-catching as you want!

Include a full-color photograph of yourself

In this shaky market, buyers want to feel comfortable with an agent they trust. Including a photograph of yourself on your real estate sign makes people feel more of a personal connection to you. People like to be able to picture who they’re dealing with. Plus, if you know a lot of people in your town, a photo can help people recognize you. It’s a great way to make your real estate signs – and you – more accessible and approachable! Plus, we never charge extra for printing photos or graphics on your custom signs.

If you have any questions about real estate signs, we’re happy to help. You can contact us anytime from 9am to 9pm seven days a week!

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