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When window cleaners are called in to do window cleaning in a large office building, typically anything over four stories high, they then need to turn to something else besides ladders or water fed poles. Although water fed poles can go up to eight stories high, its not very practical or safe at these heights and its better to turn to rope access, scaffolding or aerial work platforms. Originally rope work was developed from people who love to climb rocks and mountains and was developed for further applications like window cleaning.

The idea behind the rope access is that its cheaper then the other high rise options, easy to set up and faster to clean all the windows. A window cleaner will descend with the rope and a harness and wash the windows as they go down the building. Some rope workers actually sit on a wooden seat attached to the rope, although with todays buildings this is not as practical sine now days commercial buildings have all sorts of weird architectural challenges. As rope workers descend there is always the possibility of a rope breaking, which is why they always have an extra rope or safety line to prevent accidents.

Window cleaning on a high rise building can be extremely dangerous, especially if the wind picks up, or if other natural conditions happen like rain, lighting and earthquakes However the pay off for cleaning these types of buildings can be well worth it. In fact most window cleaners never even try this type of work and only a few companies exist in this end of the market for each town. The insurance and the equipment plus manpower needed is usually to much for an average window cleaner to accomplish. Most window cleaners stay away from the ropes and stick to the ladders. This could be a niche opportunity for those looking to start a window cleaning business. 

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